The main aim of the creation of the app is to stimulate co-education in schools and families and its experimentation: these are activities and games to be carried out in the family and at school, integrated with each other, to give the sense of a real path of co-education in the diversity of roles.

This educational application is to support teachers and parents regarding the topic of cyber-bullying and hate speech while promoting a co-educational approach.

The objectives of the App are:

  • To promote collaboration between teachers and parents that will allow for educational continuity between school and family.
  • To support schools and families in approaching the topic of cyberbullying and hate speech.
  • To stimulate the creativity and critical thinking of the children regarding the topic through attractive and playful activities.


In this game, the students will have to follow the steps of our superhero through the day. They will be confronted with different situations, from meeting a new kid at school to bullying taking place right in front of their eyes. They will be given options on how to behave in each of these situations and thus train their empathy skills.

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