Results of the project


Children to Adults: About Cyberbullying

In this documentary, children share their personal experiences of cyberbullying and hate speech. You’ll hear voices and testimonies from various countries children from different countries that participated in the project activities.


Children to Children

This cartoon has no words and was made by children themselves using different digital tools and apps to promote awareness about cyberbullying and hate speech that many kids experience in different environments. It promotes awareness and can be used as a resource for prevention and empowerment activities available to both institutions and families.


Activities for Use at School and at Home

The project has a free app with educational activities and games that can be used in school and at home. These activities will employ co-education to help fight cyberbullying and hate speech.

The activities use digital support to promote the constructive use of technology. They can also be adapted for contexts where technology is scarce.


The online methodology, which is addressed to teachers who wish to set up a co-educational relationship with families of children in their class, contains open educational material to accompany the documentary, cartoon and app of the project. The methodology will be available online in an online learning environment.

It contains methodological notes, work ideas, activities, and other downloadable material. to facilitate meaningful educational experiences in the classroom and online.

The first part is a reflection of the project’s main topics:

  • Overview of dangers like cyberbullying and hate speech in schools
  • Overview of European practices for using digital tools to combat cyberbullying
  • Description of the roles of parents and teachers in co-education
  • Importance of media and digital education in combating cyberbullying and hate speech

The second part outlines the project outputs and materials to facilitate their use in the educational context.

The third part offers guidelines for educators on cooperating with parents to eliminate cyberbullying and hate speech.

These guidelines are adapted for different age groups and take two formats: PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans for teachers. Both contain vital information to communicate concepts to parents.