Online methodology

This document contains:

  • Cyberbullying and hate speech in primary and secondary schools: A short overview of other online dangers.
  • Combating cyberbullying with the help of digital tools and an overview of the practices on European level.
  • Co-education as a necessary tool for effective contrast: the role of parents and teachers.
  • The importance of media and digital education in combating these phenomena.

In this document you will find a description of the results we have created (the Documentary, the Cartoon and the App) to facilitate their use in the educational context.

In this section you will find a guide on how teachers can share the issue of cyberbullying and hate speech with parents in order to achieve cooperation in combating cyberbullying and hate speech.

You can download a PowerPoint with a ready-to-use presentation and a script for teachers with all the necessary information to familiarise yourself with the topic in advance.